Removal of my sutures?

I am 11 wks post op TT/mr. I want to remove my mr as it is giving me to many problems. I have become anxious and depressed. What does the procedure in tell and what is the recovery time frame.

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Removal of sutures

Thanks for your inquiry, and sorry for your struggles.  You request is uncommon and I believe you will need an in person consultation to discuss the needs, pros, and cons of such a procedure.  Good Luck.  

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Removal of sutures

Involves re-opening the entire skin flap to expose the sutures of the MR, removing those sutures and closing things back down. You are almost into the post-op time frame that this could be performed safely, most would say at least 3 months from your initial surgery. Express your concerns to your plastic surgeon and I am sure they will explain to you your options.

Very involved

Removal of the muscle plication sutures would involve opening the entire tummy tuck and cutting out the muscle sutures.  It will be more involved and difficult than the first surgery.  The recovery will be the same as the tummy tuck.

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Removal of my sutures?

Thank you for sharing your question and I am sorry to hear of your recovery issues.  Removal of your MR will depend on what suture material your surgeon used and how they we're placed.  This would involve having to duplicate your original tummy tuck procedure in order to get them out.  You did not mention the specific problems related to the MR but I would strongly voice your frustrations and concerns to your surgeon as they may be able to help you stay the course to allow for full healing to take place.

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