Removal of muscle repair after tummy tuck 3 months post op.

Ok. I need my muscle repair of my TT to be removed 3montgs post op and in pain all the time. Can't be taking norco all the time. I am willing to pay doctor to remove stures and is it possible to remove them through belly button. Please help. I am willing to go any where and pay. I just need my sanity back please.

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Pain and discomfort 3 months after tummy tuck

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Sorry to hear that you experiencing pain and discomfort after your tummy tuck surgery.  Its not usual to be experiencing some discomfort or twinges this far after surgery, particularly as you become more and more active, but the need for regular pain relief at this stage is unusual.  Removing the sutures may not relieve your pain.  You need to arrange a consultation with your plastic surgeon for a fun review and discussion of your concerns and options.

Pain 3 months post-op

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Hello and thank you for sharing your concerns. After 3 months, your sutures should have dissolved by now. You will experience discomfort, but should not be needing pain medications during this time. I suggest following up with your surgeon as soon as you can. I wish you the best of luck!

Muscle repair with t.t. removal

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It is not possible to remove these sutures through your belly button, and most likely that the muscle already is repaired.  Usually, these sutures are dissolveable. I would ask your surgeon.

Removal of muscle repair after tummy tuck 3 months post op

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It is not uncommon for patients to still experience some discomfort at three months postop from a tummy tuck. It is abnormal to require pain medicine at this time. The reason for your pain needs to be addressed. A surgeon is the one to decide what should be done which may or may not involve removing sutures. Because the sutures are only necessary for the first couple of months, removing them may have no effect at this point. They cannot be removed through the belly button. I recommend that you see a board-certified plastic surgeon or preferably the one who did you are procedure.

Pain from abdominoplasty

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I am so sorry you are in pain.  It sounds like your really going through a tough time.  Operating on pain is always tricky since no one can be sure that the sutures in the deep tissue are causing the pain.  It is impossible for me to comment on what the right approach is.  Your surgeon will evaluate the location, character, duration, frequency, intensity of the pain and any associated signs and symptoms to make that assessment.

Sometimes, the knot at the end of the suture can cause pain in the low abdominal area.  Often that knot can be felt as a very tender bump.  If that is the case excising the knot will help.  Removing the sutures cannot be done through the bellybutton most likely.  It may not be unreasonable to explore the wound to see if there is any obvious cause, after ,of course, you surgeon evaluates any other possibilities.  I know this is vague, but again operating on pain is never 100%.  Removing the sutures may or may not help.  Best of luck.

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