Reduced Implant 75-100CC, what to expect?

I just had implants taken out that were 450 and 500 cc, they were replaced by a 425 and a 350, HP Silicone Mentor. I had them replaced because the previous size was much to big, I looked like a stripper and was wearing a large D cup bra. I am hoping this new size gets me down to a C, as I requested both times to my surgeon. Doctors, in you experience would a girl 5'7, 130 not petite get the more natural appearance from 425-350 implants? I would like people to not be sure of my breast aug !

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Cup Size and Implant Volume

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There is no telling what any given implant will give someone in bra cup size. There are too many variables involved both in bra sizing and in how an implant will impact a woman's breast size and shape. Similarly, no one can tell you if your breasts will look natural, as that could mean many different things to many people. In general, I have patients show me photos of models in clothing to give me an idea of how large their aesthetic goals are in terms of body proportions, not cup size. I also have them show me before and after photos of breast whose shape they like. I, in turn, show them before and after photos of examples of breasts that looked like them preoperatively.

For the benefit of others reading this:

It is not a good idea for any doctor to tell someone with any certainty what their bra size will be. It should be considered a guess at best. Doctors are reticent to say that though because they fear that a woman will no longer trust that doctor as experienced and go elsewhere.

Breast implants should not be chosen based on what cup size a woman desires. It is best chosen by dimensional planning, using measurements of the patient's breast size and tissue qualities. Given these measurements, an objective system can be used to pick the implant's dimensions. The patient's aesthetic desires should be a secondary concern, and when factored in, usually affects the choice of implant toward a larger device.

Best of luck!

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Choosing breast implant size - Los Angeles

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There are no generalizations that can be made about breast implant size. I use biometrics to carefully choose the right and harmonious breast implant size for each patient.

Raffy Karamanoukian Los Angeles

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
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Breast size

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Implants of that volume should make you a full C though it is very difficult to predict cup sizes as they vary so much from manufacturer to manufacturer

Frederic H. Corbin, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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