What is the recovery like after an UltraShape Power treatment?

Is there pain and swelling?

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No Pain, No Downtime, No Swelling, No Reason Not to Get UltraShape Power!

Having had the treatment myself, I can attest to the fact that there is no pain - for the most part.  The only time you might feel a "zing" is if there's not enough ultrasound gel being, if pulsing is done inappropriately or if it's being done in an area of very little fat.  For example, I use it for abdominal definition/sculpting in athletes with very little fat.  They feel an occasional "hot spot" but it's very tolerable.

Reston Physician
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NO pain, NO swelling

There really is no pain or swelling with ultrashape.  The treatment is quick usually completed in 60 minutes.  The results are also relatively quickly seen sometimes with the first treatment.  

Aaron Shiloh, MD
Philadelphia Physician
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There is virtually no downtime involved with UltraShape® Power.

There should be no pain, bruising or swelling after your UltraShape® procedure. In fact, you could have UltraShape® treatments on your lunch break. One session can take from 30 minutes to 90 minutes, depending on the area you are having treated. UltraShape® Power uses ultrasound technology to precisely target and destroy unwanted fat. The ultrasound waves actually rupture the fat cells. Your results will develop gradually as the body eliminates these dead cells over the next several weeks.

Frank Campanile, MD
Denver Plastic Surgeon
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Is there pain and swelling?

No Pain, No Swelling, Absolutely no Downtime.  Just need to Drink 2 Liters per day and consume Clean eating & low calories.  Especially the first 72 hours after treatment.

Jonathan L. Sack, MD
Hilton Head Island Family Physician
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