Questions before Lip Augmentation. How many ml and which parts of the lip should I get them in? (photos)

I would like to get a very natural looking plump limps and had some questions about the products and the aftereffects of the procedure. 1) How many ml and which parts of the lip should I get them in? 2) Someone said that Juviderm might be too hard for first time and suggested alternatives: belotero (lidoceine balance), emervel, or plurual. Which one is the best? 3) I love scuba diving. Will that have any effect on the lip augmentation? Thank you!

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Always start with one syringe only and add after a 1-2 weeks if you want more. Overfilled is not a natural look.

Long Island Dermatologic Surgeon
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Juvederm is your best bet

You need to discuss this with the surgeon.  First, Juvederm is excellent.  Whoever told you it would be too hard has absolutely no idea what they are talking about.You should probably only need 1 cc.  SCUBA will not affect this.

Gary Lawton, MD, FACS
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon
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Lip Augmentation and Conservative Approach

I would definitely start with only one syringe of filler and evaluate the results two weeks later.  You don't want to overfill the lips. You can always inject more product at a later date.  Best, Dr. Green

Michele S. Green, MD
New York Dermatologist
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Lip Fillers Long Term, Use Cannulas and a Conservative approach

I suggest a slow and stead approach, if you put too much in at first there is a tendency for the lips to swell dramatically.  You can always add more.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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Restylane, belotero or juvederm all do great in the lips.

Restylane, belotero or juvederm do great  and usually only 1 syringe is adequate to augment the upper lip vermillion border and mucosal enhancement. I do the nerve blocks like the dentists do so there is no pain.

David Hansen, MD
Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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You should start out with maybe 1cc of filler and go from there. You do not want to overdo too much filler in the lips. It also depends on the look you are going for too. You can always add more filler to the lips if needed. Just remember if you are going to do your lips and you do not want to bruise you should not take any aspirins or anything that will thin the blood since brusing can occur.

Elliot M. Heller, MD
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Natural looking fillers for lips

I have not heard of Plurual and Emervel is not yet approved by the US FDA at this point. Emervel is owned by a company who also owns Restylane and I have been fairly impressed by how smooth the Restylane Silk is.  You can certainly start with Belotero Balance, but for volume in the lips, I find that it does not last very long. 
What is really most important in this is not what brand hyaluronic acid filler you pick, rather the injector's technique and experience. Those other fillers may be fantastic, but if the injector is not experienced with injecting that specific product, it can be hard to control. 
The beautiful thing about fillers in the lips, though, is that I do them with a mirror in my patient's hand. We do a little bit, they tell me when to stop. 
In general, you want your lower lip to be a little bit fuller than your top lip 1/3-2/3 ratio. I think 1ml syringe of whatever product you choose should be enough for the first time. 

Lily Lee, MD
Pasadena Plastic Surgeon
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