Can my ptosis and droopy under eyes be treated? (Photo)

I have a droopy eyelid on the right, which I am assuming is ptosis. As well, both of my lower eyelids are droopy, making my sclera visible and making my eye saggy looking. I am only 19 years old so I don't think that it has to do with aging. However, after researching around, perhaps it may be due to a weak cheek/cheekbone? I am not sure. How can my ptosis and under eyes be treated so that I don't look so sleepy all the time?

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Can my ptosis and droopy under eyes be treated?

You have inherited lower eyelid retraction and left upper eyelid ptosis. Yes, there are procedures to correct these problems. Need to have consultation with an oculoplastic surgeon. See following link too.

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Thanks for the endorsement John.

There is no substitute for a personal assessment.  There are no simple options for this.  So you need a highly detailed assessment of what is going on with your eyes.  I would be very helpful for example to do through old photographs to understand what has been happening over time.  The left upper eyelid definitely has anterior levator aponeurosis dehiscence ptosis and lash ptosis.  It is possible to surgically lower the left upper eyelid crease and generally advance the anterior orbital fat to help restore the volume in the left upper eyelid fold.  The lower eyelid need the benefit of a physical examination to determine your best options.  The key is that less is more.  Simply tightening the lower eyelid, a procedure called a lateral canthoplasty, There are other options.  It is essential to have the right thing done the first time so it does not need to be revised.

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Unhappy with droopy upper and lower eyelids.

From your pictures, I don't think you have very severe drooping of your upper eyelids.  You do have a few extra lid creases over your left upper eyelid.  Your lower eyelids are pulled downward just a bit, which is called retraction.  This can be seen in patients with a negative vector (flat or not projecting out very much) to their cheek bones under their eyes.  I think looking at your eyes from your photo that they are pretty.  I would not personally recommend surgery, but if you wanted to get a consultation I would speak with Dr.Robert Goldberg or Kenneth Steinsapir, who are outstanding eyelid plastic surgeons in the LA area.

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