What is the best procedure to get in order to remove an appendectomy scar? (Photo)

I had an appendectomy when I was a child, probably around 8 years old. I'm now 27 years old and so over looking at myself in the mirror and only seeing this huge, protruding scar on my stomach. I'm interested in having it removed to regain my confidence, however, I'm unsure which kind of procedure will give me the best results? Tummy tuck? Scar revision? Mini tummy tuck? What other procedures can you recommend?

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Scars on Body -- Fraxel/Microneedling, Sculptra/Fat/Bellafill, Subcision, Pulsed Dye Laser; Medical Tattooing

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I suggest an in person consultation for further evaluation and treatment planning. This scar will need a combination approach and an experienced surgeon. You will likely need scar revision with surgery and treatment with lasers, microneedling and PRP afterward. Liposuction with the scar revision will give a great, flat contour. Best, Dr. Emer

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