Should I postpone Sientra breast aug revision in light of recent issues at Silimed manufacturing plant?

I recently read that some E.U. Countries and Australia suspended the use of Sientra/Silimed products. Sientra also halted U.S. sales & asked plastic surgeons to voluntarily stop implanting them pending talks w/the FDA. Should I postpone my revision (Sientra implants were scheduled to be used) until th FDA has an official comment, or scrap the idea of using Sientra implants? Should I consider alternatives? What are other cohesive gel alternatives? (I trust my PS, but would like other viewpoints)

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Sientra implants

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There are other brands of implants your surgeon can yes high will work just as well as Sientra.  You should discuss the issue with your surgeon if you have any misgivings.

Discuss your Sientra concerns with your surgeon

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but we have been using them for over 2 years and have not appreciated any problems with them.  I will be allowing my patients to choose what they want after discussing the risks fully as I feel the Sientra implant has a better 'consistency' compared to the competition.

Sientra implants

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If you trust your PS then I would be honest with him/her that you have concerns about Sientra implants right now due to this issue.  There are other great manufacturers like Mentor or Allergan that have cohesive gel implants that he/she could consider for you.  Best of luck to you!

Shall I be getting Sientra Breast Implants in view of the recent developments?

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In our Memphis office we have used implants by all three implant producers sold in the US including Sientra and found them to be comparable. 

Since Sientra voluntarily stopped selling its implants in the US subject to a thorough review of its manufacturing process I see no compelling reason to use them until this situation clears one way or another. 

There is nothing magical about cohesive claims and too many women are taken in by these claims. I would focus instead on the proper dimensions and placement supplemented by a 3D Canfield VECTRA imaging to make sure before surgery you choose the right device. 

Good Luck

Peter Aldea MD
Memphis, TN

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Cohesive gel implants

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I appreciate your question.
My partners tv show "botched" is about getting the right advice about plastic surgery and trying to avoid problems.
The 2 long-term companies are mentor and allergan. They are also the only ones that have truly cohesive gel implants. I personally use mentor and am a national educator for their implants.
Their texturing has had less problems internationally and their implants are a little softer.
The best way to assess and give true advice would be an in-person exam.
Please see a board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes in aesthetic and restorative breast surgery.

best of luck!

Dr Schwartz

Cohesive Gel Implants

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First of all, as much as I should be a completely loyal customer of Sientra for their restriction of sales to only board certified plastic surgeons, their products are not the most cohesive, and therefore form stable, which is 50% of the reason to be using them. The other reason is wrinkling, and the firmer the gel the less the wrinkling. Once again, Sientra's gel is the least cohesive and least firm, a fact that explains how they can put the same gel into both their round and their shaped implants.  So, I don't use them because they are neither form stable nor wrinkle resistant. 

My preference in both round and smooth implants as well as form stable, anatomic, highly cohesive gel implants is Mentor.  Made in the US., they have the lowest rupture and capsular contracture rates of any implant company. 

I think you should move forward with you surgery with better implants.

Best of luck!

Sientra Implants

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Since the current situation remains unclear it seems to me that it would be prudent to either use one of the other implant brands or simply delay your surgery.  I personally have used Sientra and think very highly of them but no one can be certain how this will evolve as more facts become available.

Jon A. Perlman, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Thank you for your question.  I use all three implant manufacturers implants in my practice.  Whether you postpone your surgery until Sientra implants are available again or go ahead with either Mentor or Allergan depends on whether there is an equivalent implant available from one of the other two manufacturers.  If you are getting a smooth round gel implant there should be no problem finding an implant that has the same dimensions as the Sientras you were going to get.  If you are getting a textured round implant then I would suggest you go with Allergan as the texturing on their implants resembles the Sientra texturing much more than Mentor's.  The dimensions aren't quite the same but you could probably find an implant that would work for you. If you are getting a shaped implant then it may be more difficult to find an equivalent implant as there are some significant differences in the dimensions of the shaped implants available from the three manufacturers.  You should trust your surgeon to guide you in this decision.

Sientra implants/Breast implants/Breast Augmentation/Gummy Bear Implants

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Nice question and view point. Sientra is being ultra careful and proactive in the sense that they don't want what happened in the past to some of the implant companies happen to them or patients with their implants. Actually on the morning before the temporary suspension of the implants, I used Sientra implant and everything went well, and the patient is doing well 6 days later. However if you are looking to move forward before Sientra give their final word, then you have options between Mentor and Allergan implants, which are just as good. Good luck!

Sientra Breast Implants

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You are correct in that presently Sientra breast implants are on hold in the United States. We don't believe there's any safety issues with these implants but the company has asked plastic surgeons to stop implanting them as of this past Monday. There are still two other gel implants on the market from mentor and Allergan. Both are excellent companies I've used both implants for many years. All implants may presently are made of some type of cohesive silicone gel. I think it's safe to proceed. Good luck.

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