Post-open breast reduction - Timing of when an Echocardiogram may be performed?

Hello. I am 7 weeks post-op breast reduction & in need of cardio screening soon. When may I have an Echocardiogram test performed which has been explained as an ultrasound that moves around the left breast area? Am healing nicely. I'm also to have a CT cardio test. Cardiologist recommends the Echocardiogram also (as I feel up to it of course). Don't want to damage any underlying tissues & wondering if Post-op 10-12 weeks is a reasonable time to have the Echocardiogram performed?Thank you :-)

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Timing for an Echocardiogram after breast reduction

Thank you for your question and you are out far enough to have the procedure so long as you have healed well.  You should consult with you surgeon and discuss this with them to make sure you are healed well enough. I hope all goes well.

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