When does post-op (abdominal) swelling go away?

I'm almost 7 weeks post-op (breast augmentation with lift with 400cc submuscular). I'd like to know if I'm not fitting my regular jeans because of swelling... or I'm just gaining weight. My diet hasn't really changed from before the surgery and I still exercise regularly (3-5 days/week).

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When does post-op (abdominal) swelling go away After breast lift with implants?

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Most of the swelling associated with a combination breast lift with implants resolves by 7 weeks.  You may have some fluid retention.  It is not uncommon to gain weight after surgery because the body quite naturally encourages consumption of protein to counteract the negative nitrogen balance caused by the trauma surgery.  If you have significant abdominal swelling or interference of bowel function you need to be seen by your plastic surgeon.

Swelling after aug lift

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You can get swelling after any surgical procedure.  Persistent swelling after a couple of months would be unusual .  Talk to your surgeon and voice your concerns.  Some people just take longer than others.

Abdominal swelling after BA and lift

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Thanks for your question. It's unusual to have "abdominal swelling" 7 weeks after breast surgery. I would voice your concern with your surgeon. Good luck. 

Mehdi K. Mazaheri, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Abdominal swelling

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It is not unusual for you to have swelling as you describe postop. This should resolve itself as you get back to your normal diet and exercise. 

Gary L. Ross, MBChB, FRCS
Manchester Plastic Surgeon
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