Why can't most plastic surgeons believe that breast implants can cause systemic toxic illness on some women? (Photo)

I just can't understand why PS in general don't seem to believe that silicone which is a plastic type substance would not break down over time in ones body. I'm not just talking about gummy implants I'm taking about the silicone shell itself on any implant? Why are there thousands of women that get sick with all the same symptoms then feel better after removel? Women who test positive for autoimmune then have removel and get tested again it's negative? Stop down playing this PS. It's a problem!!

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Thank you for the question and silicone gel implants have been the most studied medical device and all the long term studies show that these diseases initially attributed to implants exist amongst women without out implants in the same percentages.  But I would agree that many women do feel better after their implants are removed but much of that is because they believed it was the case prior to surgery.

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