Any Pills I Can Take to Gain Weight for Butt Augmentation?

I need butt augmentation,I can't do implants,I want fat transfer and I have little or no fats,I am 110 pounds max and 5"3 little or no butt and I want a nicki minaj size.what can I d to gain weight?i ave drank ensure,gnc shakes,I try to eat but my appetite is really lw,the past 3 months I have done nothing but try to eat and sleep.I need a quick 20 or 30pds any ideas or prescriptions or anything that can help?i can't do implants at all, need my but b4 dec 2012

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Weight gan for Brazilian Butt

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I never recommend weight gain in preparation for surgery.  I want my patients at a stable and healthy weight prior to surgery.  With weight gain, your waist will likley be larger, whereas the goal of this surgery is a smaller waist.

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Pills for Butt augmentation

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There are no quick fixes for this. There are no pills or creams. Whether or not you like it you will gain weight as you get older. Enjoy being thin for now. 

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon

Weight gain for BBL

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 I personally do not believe in making a patient gain weight to prepare for autologous fat transfer to the buttock (aka BBL).  The reason being, once that patient loses weight back to their baseline after surgery guess what fat melts off first....exactly, it is the fat they gained before surgery and was transfered to the buttock.  Thus your BBL melts away in 3-6 months maybe sooner.  Not sure why you cannot have buttock implants but it may be an option you want to reconsider.  Glad to help...RAS

Ryan A. Stanton, MD
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Weight gain needed

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You should ask your physician to presribe Megace.  This has been effective in burn and cancer patients to increase their weight by retaining more nutrition and fat storage.  See link reference attached.  Do not take if there is any chance of pregnancy.  Best of luck with your BBL!

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