Do Permalip Implants affect teeth showing? If so, how much?

I would like to increase the pink of my lip but also slightly roll it up. i was considering sub nasal lift and some doctors seem to have a technique to really roll the lip up where else some just lift them without big impact on width of the pink lip. would permalip. would permalip cover more top teeth or if the implant is longer it will create upward lift and by adding volume and pushing the lip forward will also give a bit more tooth show. If so how much tooth show can I achieve with the implant?

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Permalip implants

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Thank you for asking about your Permalip implants.

  • Permalip implants will increase the pink of your lip and roll the lip out and up a bit.
  • A lip lift (subnasal lift) is often a good combination - if your upper lip is too long.
  • To learn more, you will need a consultation because measurements and an examination are essential to be able to give you a reasonable plan and prediction of what to expect.

Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes. Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

Permalip Implants

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As a general rule lip implants will not improve or increase tooth show. They add volume which pushes the lip forward but not up enough to create ore tooth show. It would take a combined subnasal lip lift and implants to create greater tooth show and increased lip volume.

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