Did my orthodondist made a mistake? (photos)

I am in the middle of my Invisalign treatment and my orthodontist told me that it was necessary to have 2 tooths extracted so the bottom can be fixed. He didn't told me that he is leaving the gap from the 2 extracted tooths. I assume that by the end of my treatment the gap will close because I never heard of anyone having missing tooths by the end of braces. Basically I will have 2 missing tooths by the end of my treatment now. Is this normal? or did he made a mistake?

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Extracting teeth for orthodontics is common

Whether doing Invisalign or brackets and wires (braces), removing teeth to make room is common.  It doesn't happen as often as in the past, but still happens (some dentists and orthodontists feel very passionately about removing teeth, so you may get a variety of opinions).

Yes, the goal will be to close the spaces after the teeth are removed, however from the photos it does not appear to be significant crowding.  It may be possible to treat the case without the extractions.

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Invisalign Treatment

I don't think so this would meant to happen but also I am not totally familiar with your case. But still you can visit any other dentist regarding this.

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