Ortho recommends ending Invisalign treatment because of gum recession? (Photo)

Today I finished my first set of Invisalign trays 29/U, 32/Lower. My teeth are not quite straight yet and I still have an overbite (photos). I told my ortho I wanted to continue with refinements but she said she did not recommend this because I have too much gum recession on my lower teeth, and that this would get worse if we continue with refinements and in turn cause other problems. She referred me to a periodontist for clearance to continue. Might straight teeth really be out of reach for me?

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Straight teeth are not out of reach just put on hold for the moment

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Sometimes we need to take a step back and reassess.  Seeing a periodontist to evaluate the levels of tissue gums prior to moving forward is the right move.  They may suggest a graft to cover over those exposed root surfaces prior to moving forward or they may allow for the refinement and then to follow up for any needed periodontal procedures following the completion.  Either way a consult is in order before "moving"  ahead.Good luck

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