What options do I have for my small teeth? (photos)

I have small teeth and am self conscious smiling. What options do i have to fix my smile? I've been reading about a gum lift, Botox or laser gum contouring. What do you recommend?

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Small teeth solutions

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You have a gummy smile and what is technically called "vertical maxillary excess" which means that you have too much upper jaw bone. The gummy smile can be partially corrected with a gum lift or esthetic crown lengthening. There is a limit to how much gum tissue can be removed. To correct this 100% you would need jaw surgery (which most patients reject due to the cost and the discomfort involved). Botox can help but the results only last about 6 months. Two small injections are made next to the corners of your nose to "freeze" the muscles that raise your upper lip. You would still be able to smile, but you would not be able to pull your upper lip up as high, thus camouflaging your gummy smile. 

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Start with Gum lift...

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The gum lift is going to deliver a great deal of improvement for your smile! In fact its almost necesary to uncover the otherwise small looking teeth. After that, you and your dentist can discuss choices for relaxing the upper lip muscles.

In our practice, patients with similar gums ususally do really well with a gum lift procedure and dont find it necessary to do much more. 

I don't think a laser gum recontouring will deliver the permanent results I suspect you are looking for.

Hisham Kaloti, DDS
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Thanks for posting the great pictures. I think the answer to your question is a multiple choice. I do think some sort of gum lift is in order. Laser or surgical can only be determined after a thorough clinical exam. This will make a huge difference and gain you tooth length. If the results aren't enough it may be necessary to determine if Botox will work( if your lip moves excessively during smiling) or if you are a surgical case. Surgery will require orthodontics to stabilize and is not a quick answer. Start with the gum lift and move on to more aggressive answers if you are still not satisfied. 

Vicki Borowski, DDS
Dallas Dentist

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