What are my options for a lip lift? To correct the downward slant of the corners of my mouth. (photo)

I do not want additional volume. I never had this problem. I believe this problem began when I added fat transfer to my face for volume loss. I wanted a more rounded face because I had a pointer chin and very noticeable nasal folds although I was only in my mid 30's now I'm 40 and cannot bare additional volume. I have been told nasal cut can show on my skin to lift corners. I want the Coco Austin look. Her pout seems to have work done. I've heard of a triangular cutout incision through mucosal incision of corners of the mouth.

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Lift corner of the lip

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Thank you for asking about lifting the corners of your mouth.
  • I am sorry you have had a poor experience with fat injections and that it led to this problem.
  • In my experience, the safest way to lift the corners of the mouth is with Botox -
  • It relaxes the muscles  that pull the corners now.
  • There are two ways this can be done - one just below the corner into the orbicularis oris muscle.
  • Or lower into a  muscle called the depressor anguli oris (muscle that pulls the lip corner down.)
  • Botox needs to be repeated but it is inexpensive compared to other treatments and is your best first step.
  • Surgery that changes the position of the corner tends to either be disappointing or to look unnatural although at times it can work.
Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

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