What are the Options for Improving jawline and Nasolabial Folds area? Thank you in advance. (photos)

51 years old and not happy seing in the mirror my sagging jowline and my nasolabial folds area. thet are not deep but enough to make shades on my face. I look tired.

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Options to improve the jawline may include surgical and /or non -surgical techniques.  A surgical face and neck lift is still the gold standard to correct the face and neck.  However, there are many less invasive and non- surgical options including the Sillouiette Instalift™ which lifts the mid face without surgery or downtime.  Skin tightening may be beneficial with Laser therapy, radiofrequency or ultrasound.   Additionally, if there is fat volume present, non-surgical fat reduction technologies can also be utilized (Coolsculpting™, Kybella┬«),

Improving the nasolabial fold can be performed with the use of fillers.  Another option can be a less invasive non-surgical lift s.  Instalift™   also may help as it lifts the tissue of the midface this may help soften the nasolabial folds as well as marionette or puppet lines around the mouth.  The procedure is done in the office, and has no down time.

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