What is the best option for a fit 30 year old with sagging next skin? (Photos)

Stats: - 30 years old and very active. - Work out 5 times a week - 12% body fat with lean muscle. Problem: poor and undefined jaw line I had neck lipo 1.5 years ago and followed the post surgical procedure of wearing the neck band so the skin could retract. The skin on my neck is still not tight. What is the best option? I would like to avoid surgery if possible. Do I need a neck lift or can any laser therapy or other non-surgical option work? I am looking for the best results possible.

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Neck treatments

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Hey southerncomfort- 

Thanks for your questions and your pictures. 

Looks like there are a couple options for you. Nonsurgical treatments include- kybella injections or ulthera which can tighten the underlying tissue using different ways. 

When you're in neutral position do you have the chin you like? The last picture looks like a good cervico-mental angle (which is the sharp distinction between the neck and chin) - if you don't move your head posteriorly which is sort of what it looks like in the previous pics. 

Hope this helps and God Bless!

Dr. Robb

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