How to go from olive skinned to vampire/pasty white? (Photo)

When i was a kid i was a lighter olive skinned but after playing sports everyday for years and living in the desert my skin has remained dark. I love all skin colors but i cant help but needing my skin to be completely, vampire white. I've tried lotions and soaps for two years on and off but to no avail! My skin only goes down like 3 shades :c i really want extremely pale skin. What can i do? Is lazor the only next step? Now since its summer & i live in the desert all my efforts are ruined

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Skin pigmentation

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Thank you for your photo. Lightening your overall skin tone takes the right treatment, management, and long-term care. It is not something that can be accomplished within a single treatment without a high risk of complication and skin injury. Generally speaking, you may need initial IPL or laser treatment to remove hyperpigmentation, followed by bleaching creams which prevent additional pigment from being formed by the skin in your cells. Consistent skin care with chemical peels and further preventative care such as UV protection and maintenance treatments will achieve a safe and natural result. Hope this helps!!
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