Will my nose get smaller and will the scars heal? (Photo)

Hello Had revision rhinoplasty 4 months ago and I honestly think my nose looks the same! :( I have really bad scarring on the side of my nose. I wanted a cute nose with a even profile seems like I'm stuck with the same nose as before. Will my nose change in evenness along with thickness and will my scars heal?

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You are still early in your recovery period and the nose is expected to be quite swollen at this point.The swelling during this time is rarely symmetric. One side will always resolve more quickly than the other. The majority of the swelling will resolve in 3-6 months, and will continue to resolve as your nose heals for up to 1-2 years. You have not reached your final shape as the nose will continue to heal and reduce in size for up to a year. Once it does reach its final shape you may be more pleased with the appearance of your nose.

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Revision rhinoplasty

It usually takes up to 1 year for all the swelling to go down.  So, it's too early to judge as to what the final result will look like.  I would recommend that you continue to follow up with your surgeon and discuss your concerns with him/her. 

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Revision rhinoplasty


Since you had a revision rhinoplasty I would expect your nose to still have swelling present at 4 months postop.  Typically it takes about a year to view the final results of a rhinoplasty surgery.  Be sure to discuss your concerns with your surgeon who can give you a better insight into your expected outcome.  Good luck!

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Will My Nose Get Smaller?

This is a question for your surgeon who knows exactly what was done during your surgery but typically there is some temporary swelling still present 4 months after a rhinoplasty.  Be patient and discuss this with your surgeon.

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