Can my nose be lengthened further after I've already had a rib revision?

I have had my nose lengthened with rib but it was not enough to achieve my ideal outcome. What techniques can lengthen my nose further? Will repositioning the tip make it sit lower? (Happy to remove slight supratip) Will a small onlay from ear cartilage give me the length I desire? I do NOT want the shape of my ears to shape AT ALL. I'm worried the only way to achieve the length world be a second rib harvest.. Thank you

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Lengthening Nose Further after Rib Graft Revision

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A picture would be helpful but I'm sure that your nose can be lengthened. Several techniques can be used and the source of cartilage to accomplish this can be determined after examining your nose and reviewing your previous operations. Ear cartilage can be harvested without changing their appearance.

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Rhinoplasty revision to lengthen nose further after rib graft?

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 Rhinoplasty revision to lengthen nose further after rib graft?  your photo did not come through. The nose can be lengthened further with a septal extension graft. There is no need for a rib graft again. In 40 years of rhinoplasty revisions in very complex noses I've never had to use a rib graft.  See several experienced rhinoplasty surgeons  for differing opinions. 

Toby Mayer, MD
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Revision rhinoplasty

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A anterior septal extension graft will be required to lengthen your nose; the tip does not have to be lowered; you don't have to use your own rib as organ donor ribs are now available for revision rhinoplasties. Please see link below.

Arian Mowlavi, MD, FACS
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