Is it normal to not have a pre-op appointment for Breast Augmentation?

I called my PS office to confirm the time of my appt and asked when the pre op appointment should be, and the girl told me that he will be out of town and I wont see him until surgery. I had pictures that I wanted to show him and I was wanting to re-discuss and confirm size, can I do this the day of surgery? I'm so disappointed that I cannot see him until then.

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Augmentation is considered a 'routine' procedure

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by most surgeons, but when patients have concerns and specific goals in mind, they should have the right to see their surgeon prior to the day of surgery or be assured their concerns will be addressed the day of surgery without any penalty to the patient if you choose to back out following the conversation.  The 'what if' here is what if you are wanting something that cannot be done with your 'routine' augmentation?  Should you still have the procedure as scheduled since your already in the facility?  Remember, you are the patient and you should have all of your concerns addressed properly prior to your procedure because there are many others who would be more than happy to accommodate you and your needs.

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A preop appointment and examination is very important before breast augmentation

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To appointments, and initial consultation and a preoperative visit before breast augmentation is customary in routine in my office in most offices.  In my opinion is very important that you sent down with your plastic surgeon and discuss the details of your procedure in person.  Not only is a physical examination necessary but you should discuss it again your desires for size, implant placement under or over the muscle, and the location of your incision as well as get postoperative instructions.

Based on your history of suggest that you can see a surgery date until the surgeon can meet with you for a preoperative appointment.

Preoperative consultation withA plastic surgeon before breast augmentation is customary.

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Whereas it is not wrong to talk to your plastic surgeon for the first time the day of the operation it's most unusual. There is a lot of information it needs to be processed and in earlier consultation is a better sequence.

Pre op visit

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Different surgeons have differing policies regarding the need for a preoperative visit.  I would ask their office if you will be able to discuss your issues the morning of surgery which should suffice.  If you are not comfortable with that, by all means insist on seeing the surgeon again before proceeding with surgery.

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Preop visits are critical

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It is critical for you to have a preop discussion. It may be that at your initial consult all decisions were made about the best implant for you so maybe just a review with the nurses will suffice but if the right implant hadn't been chosen it shouldn't wait till the day of surgery.

Preoperative visit

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I agree totally with Dr Hardesty and even with my out of town patients We arrange a preoperative visit even if a day before surgery to size and fully inform the patient

Dr Corbin

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Preop appt.

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In most practices that I am aware of there is a formal preoperative appointment at which time the breast implant size is picked, consents signed, questions answered and postoperative instructions given.
I would suggest postponing your surgery until you feel completely comfortable with the entire process

Your request for pre op

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It is very odd when I hear comments like yours. I spend as much time as my patients need before surgery. It is your time before surgery that determines your outcome.

When a plastic surgeon understands and cares about what you want and envision for yourself he/she can work better to offer you that vision.

Good luck. 

Is it normal to not have a pre-op appointment for Breast Augmentation?

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Although it is customary and advisable for the patient to interact with the Doctor-at least 24-48 hours prior to the surgical date---- this is sometimes-not feasible. It is not a violation of any statute-but unfortunately does occur .
In our practice we always see patients pre-operatively-we spend a great deal of time during the pre-op to achieve the most satisfying implant size. We have a very interactive process. Hope that helps

Sounds like you need more discussion

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You should have an informed consent discussion and have your surgical plan solidified and feel comfortable about it  before the day of surgery. Sometimes for a routine augmentation this can be achieved with one consultation and just the 2nd visit on the day of surgery. You have to be comfortable with the plan and goals, risks and benefits of the procedure. Other times it takes 2 or more visits to feel comfortable with the surgical plan. You should call and ask for a second visit before surgery to iron out your planned surgery. 

Wesley G. Schooler, MD
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