It it normal to have it look like the filler was injected above my lip? (Photo)

Just got filler injected today but u thought my actual lips would swell but the area above my lips is swelling and looks like it's indented above my lips. Also she wouldn't object in the middle of the top lip which is where I think I need it the most so I tried pushing the filler to that part and I think I made it worse. Does it move if you push it? And why wouldn't she inject in the middle which is the only place I wanted it would it make it show more teeth? I hate the shape now

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Lip filler injection

You very swollen, which is after lip injection. It is impossible to assess the end result at this time.Try to sleep elevated and ice your lips, but do not massage as you may cause more trauma.The swelling will resolve within 2 weeks at which pint you should have a follow up appointment with your physician.  Don't worry as hyaluronic acid fillers can be dissolved should you not like the results.

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Lip swelling after fillers

It is too soon to know what the final result will be. Lips tend to sell a lot because they are very vascular and the product we use tend to pull in water. Do not massage it as this can traumatize the area and make the swelling worse. You should have a follow up appointment with your provider in about 10-14 days. to reassess the area. The swelling should get better over the next several days.

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Lip Swollen

It is impossible to evaluate your results at this point as you are swollen, which is normal after lip injections.  You should ice on and off and see your qualified injector in two to three weeks to discuss your results.

Lip injections and swelling

Thanks for your question. It is too soon to say what this will settle down to, you need to give it 1-2 weeks. A few suggestions--Lips swell a LOT in general with dermal filler injections. This is due to the fact that the filler is hydrophillic (draws water to itself) and there is inflammation from the tissue 'trauma' of the placement (with the needle and/or microcannula). The worst swelling is often the next morning. It tends to go down substantially and gradually over the following 72 hrs. -Don't massage it, this tends to make the swelling worse. You don't know what is water (edema) and what is filler. Yes, it can be moved around early on.-Get it reassessed at about 10 days if you question the volume or the shape and balance of the fill. Remember the lower lip should be slightly larger than the top lip, otherwise it will not look 'natural'.


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