What makes Nordlys Hybrid System less painful than other IPL options?

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Why choose the Nordlys Hybrid Experience?

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What makes the Nordlys Hybrid less painful is that it delivers very, very effective treatments to the targeted
treatment area, with the absolute minimum amount of collateral damage to
the non targeted skin structures. Whereas other laser devices, when turned on, run hot, noisy and vibratory, the Nordlys is like the smooth, quiet Tesla in the room.  We have a dozen devices in our
practice, and our Nordlys is our hardest working one.  Downtime for 90%
of the treatments is less than and hour.  Some applications of the Nd
Yag laser hand piece may have down times of a week for certain vascular
lesion treatments. The treatment wavelengths and intensities are precisely calculated and precisely filtered.

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