New all porcelain crown chipped.

I 've had porcelain for over 20 years. I decided to have all of them replaced with all porcelain ones. I started with the front four. Whitin a week one of them chipped twice. The dentist fixed it with a polishing stone. He said that I may be grinding, and I should have a custom night guard after all of my top crowns are replaced. If I am grinding how come my 20 year old crowns never chipped? Should I get a night guard before I have the rest of the crowns replaced to protect the four new ones?

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Porcelain chip

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Typically if you are grinding/clinching can create pressure on porcelain teeth, which can cause them to chip, or fracture. Its important for your bite to be analyzed comprehensively in order to minimize the reoccurrence  of this situation. In the meanwhile you may want to consider a night guard to protect your new teeth from further chipping.All the best,

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