Will neovascularization (contact lenses) in white part of eye heal? Am I able to do LASIK?

Hi, 1 year ago I developed blood vessels in the white part of my eye due to contact lenses. My cornea is fine, but I have dilated blood vessels in the white part of my left eye. I've stopped wearing my silicone contacts for 3 months now but the blood still flows. I know the vessels are permanent, but is this blood flow also permanent? Will I always have red eyes? Lastly, will I be a good candidate for LASIK / would lasik cause these vessels to be constantly filled with blood? Thanks!

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LASIK, Neovascularization, cornea

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The simple answer is that what you call blood vessels on the white of the eye will most likely not interfere with laser vision correction. However, I am concerned that those engorged blood vessels may have a different etiology, cause,  such as episcleritis. And I  said laser vision correction because of those engorged blood vessels making it difficult to create the suction needed for the flap creation with or without a blade.  Besides PRK is overall a SAFER  procedure .

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Liviu Saimovici  MD

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