Why do my Silicone's look larger than Saline?

I recently had a capsule issue, with 325-400 saline unders. I asked DR to stay same size and swap them to silicone when fixing capsule. For some unknown reason he put in 450-500, I looked like a stripper :( Went from a C cup to a DD !Just had them removed after 3 months, he now put in 350-425, they are STILL larger than the salines, but he said he went up 25 cc cause you lose size when going to silicone, this does not seem to be the case. All the width in the silicone creates larger cup size.

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No Size Difference

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There is no size difference between a saline and silicone gel filled implant of equal volume. However, having capsular contracture, especially if severe or long standing, can cause significant pressure atrophy of the breast tissue, causing a loss of volume of your natural breast tissue.

Breast implants of equal volume can have different dimensions depending on their profile. High profile is tall and narrow, low profile low and wide. This might have an impact on their perceived size once inside the breast. Similarly, identical implants can have a difference in perceived volume if the native breast tissue of the right and left breasts are a different shape or size, the chest wall is asymmetric in shape, or if the implants are sitting in a different shaped or sized pocket.

As you can see there are so many variables that affect the perceived size of the breasts after augmentation. The one thing that has no impact is the filling of the implant.

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