I'm a MTF transsexul who wants to know how soon after starting hormone therapy I can have facial feminization surgery?

Is there a specified or recommended amount of wait time for the hormones to make changes first? I thought because hormones dont effect bone structure that there really wouldnt be a wait time but thought it best tovonfurm that.

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No wait time required

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There is no required wait time, but depending on your planned procedures several months may be recommended.  Hormone therapy is great for skin quality, may add a small amount of fat to the face (making the cheeks look more feminine), and does nothing to the bone structure.  If you are planning on having cheek augmentation with fat injections or implants, you may want to wait a few months to see if the hormones add a noticeable amount of volume first.  For any other procedure, though, the hormones will not make a significant difference.  Wether or not you wait for surgery, there is not reason to wait to have a discussion with your surgeon.  If you decide with them that multiple procedures are right for you it may take months to get on their surgical schedule anyway.  Good luck on your journey. Bryan Rolfes, MD

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