Did moving my mouth side to side bend my bone or cartilage 11 days post Rhinoplasty?

My face felt stiff so I scrunched my mouth to each side several times, and i fear that it could have warped or pushed either the bone or cartilage to either side and compromised the symmetry. I went in for a check up today and the Dr said it looks fine, but I need to know if it could have messed it up, since I'm swollen now and it may not be apparent. He also told me to be careful when chewing and opening my mouth, which makes me worry even more.

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Recovering from rhinoplasty and facial movement

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Moving your face in a normal way will not likely change your rhinoplasty outcome.
There are extreme cases where actively stretching your face and aggressively wide mouth opening could potentially shift a graft or pop a stitch, but then you would notice a change in the shape of the nose. 
You did the right thing by having your surgeon examine you. Safety comes first. 

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