How much will my buttock go down from now (3-weeks post op) until 3 months (final result)? When can I get a revision? (Photo)

Hi, I had a BBL 3 weeks ago and I wanted more subtle results. I am 5'2 small frame. I got 1150 cc in each side. I thought he would do about 500-700 each side. Anyhow, I know I have to wait 3 more months for final results, but I don't think 50% more will go down at this point, will it? Also, I feel like he injected all in my upper portion hip area rather then any in the lower portion of the buttock. Can this be revised to look more natural?

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How much will my buttock go down?

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The percentage of fat graft which "takes" or does not resorb is a hot topic for debate. There are many techniques for harvest/preparation of fat. Ultimately, the technique each surgeon employs is that which he/she believes will improve graft survival. The percentage of graft survival will determine your final outcome.

No matter the technique, 3 wks is very early for passing any judgements. There will always be some degree of swelling which subsides over time. After swelling has subsided, there will be a point at which some of the grafted fat will have taken and the rest will resorb. You will look very different then relative to your current appearance. Allow for at least 3 months healing time. 

As always, discuss your concerns with your board certified plastic surgeon.

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How much will my buttock go down from now (3-weeks post op) until 3 months (final result)? When can I get a revision? (Photo)i

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The volume of injected fat varies between different surgeons and depends on their technique of straining  the fat. I recommend that you wait at least 3 months to allow things to settle down prior considering revision.
Should you need one, best is to discuss your concerns with your surgeon. 
When ready , contour deformity can be addressed along with injecting more fat in the same setting. 

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Buttock size

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You are right, you should wait a full 3 months for the size and shape to settle.  It is too early to even think about revision, since you will look very different after the swelling goes away.

BBL post-op and revision possibility

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Because you're not very far out from surgery you still have quite a bit of swelling. Definitely wait the recommended 3 months of healing before considering a revision. 

Thank you for your question and for sharing your pictures.

BBL revision

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You are too early in the healing process to determine or predict size. You should wait a good 3 months for things to settle and swelling to subside. 

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