More experienced or a younger more advanced Dr? How to pick the best?

This Dr is a member of ASPS, ASAPS, american college of surgeons, a few bad reviews for BA, 5000 BA surgeries, 30 years experience, and his pictures are just perfect. The other Dr is board certified, American college of Surgeons, and ASPS, more than 10 years experience, 30 min surgeries and my friend had BA with him, about 7 bad reviews. I am concerned about CC and other complications. What if the first dr is not very familiar with new techniques since he is older?

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More experienced or a younger more advanced Dr? How to pick the best?

There is NO substitute for experience. As a license requirement- all surgeons are required to keep up on new techniques every year.
Elapsed time for surgery is not relevant. Some doctors are quicker than others. The essence is a good result with good follow up.
If your surgeon is Board Certified in Plastic Surgery- you can be confident that he has the knowledge, experience, skill and training to offer you your best result.

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How to choose a plastic surgeon

The best answer to this question is to choose a surgeon with extensive experience who continues to participate in continued medical education. You want to choose a surgeon who is certified by the American Board of plastic surgery and is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and possibly the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Membership in these society's require documentation of ongoing continued medical education. Ask your surgeon how many of these procedures as he or she has performed, ask to see before and after photographs, and find out how many hours of continued medical education has been devoted to breast surgery. This will help you find a surgeon who not only has extensive experience but is well versed in all of the newer techniques. As far as how fast the operation is performed remember that a good surgeon knows that first you learn how to do it right, then you learn how to do it well, then you learn how to do it fast.

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Should you choose a more experienced or younger plastic surgeon for breast augmentation

The thing that stands out most to me in your question is 30 minute surgeries.  I have a very large breast augmentation practice, have been doing plastic surgery for 35 years, and do my breast augmentations with another board certified plastic surgeon who is my partner so that the situation is ideal and we take at least a minimum of one hour to do breast augmentation.

The only way a plastic surgeon can do a breast augmentation in 30 minutes in my opinion is to be careless doing the dissection without careful attention to controlling bleeding and if this is true I can assure you the chance of a capsular contracture is greater. My suspicion is that the 30 minutes figure is simply untrue and is an immature attempt to impress you. I would also be concerned about 7 bad reviews early in career.

In my opinion for a plastic surgeon to brag to you about how quick they do your procedure should be a red flag and should warn you away from that surgeon.

Selecting the best plastic surgeon

It is possible for a new plastic surgeon to have limited experience with newer techniques. It is also possible that a mature, very experienced plastic surgeon did not receive top tier training and the many years of experience results in sub-par results. It lis also possible that the new and very experienced plastic surgeon both received excellent training from top tier medical schools, graduated at the top of their class and make a commitment to staying educated about the newest techniques in aesthetic surgery. 

Do research on both surgeons, look at many, many before and after images of their work and to be sure they share your aesthetic idea and that they consistently provide a result that is appealing to you. Then, meet them each in person to determine if either, or both of these surgeons listens to you and your goals.  

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Selection of doctors

It sounds like both surgeons have the right credentials and plenty of experience. Seven bad reviews really worries me though.  There is something about that doctor that apparently has a lot if people mad at him.  A few bad reviews is not a big deal. Seven would really make me think twice.

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Most experienced or a younger more advanced Dr? How to pick the best?

Thank you for your question.  Experience and training are by far the most important aspects of any surgeon.  Might I also suggest, you choose one who has written for peer review journals.  That proves they are up on all the latest measures but the proof is in the pictures.  Consult with several board certified plastic surgeons.  Look at their websites, read their posts, their blogs, and see their galleries.   Then have at least three consultations with three surgeons and see who is right for you.  Good luck.


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More experienced or a younger more advanced Dr? How to pick the best?

It is usually fairly easy to determine during a consultation who is the most knowledgeable and adept.   If this can be substantiated with before and after pictures and reviews, then you are probably making an excellent choice.

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The Decision...

Sounds like you are doing your homework!  Kudos!  Both docs are properly certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and members of the ASPS and ASAPS.  You've reviewed their photos and both perform their surgeries in fully accredited facilities.   Both sound like very experienced surgeons.  In the end, pick the surgeon and staff which whom you feel most comfortable.  Go with your gut and not with price.  Its why the relationship matters...

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Make sure the one you choose is board certified.  It sounds like they both have a lot of experience.  Which one do you prefer?  Did you get a good vibe from either one?

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Which Doctor?

Dear Ova,
thank you for your post.  This is an important question, but you should probably go with your gut on who will give you the best result.  Just because a surgeon is older, doesn't mean he is less likely to be up on the most current techniques.  As members of the ASPS, we are required to have 150 continuing medical education classes every three years, and attend plastic surgery conference where all the state of the art techniques are discussed. 
Best wishes, 
Pablo Prichard, MD

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