Minor pain in right breast 7 months post aug?

I've been getting a pain that comes and goes, it feels like its underneath the implant and my nipple is sometimes sore to the touch. The pain is not consistent, it comes and goes. The breast looks normal and is very soft to the touch. Could the nerves still be adjusting? My left breast settled in and dropped a bit faster than my right breast and also took a bit more to soften then my left breast so I'm thinking it could be that my right breast is just taking a bit more to settle in?

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Shooting Pain

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Thank you for your question, 7 months after surgery it is still common to get some minor pain here and there. It is always best to contact your plastic surgeon and have him/her evaluate you. Best of luck.

Breast pain

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It's difficult to ascertain the cause of the pain without an examination.  It's best to schedule a visit with your surgeon for an assessment of the situation.

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