Mild ptosis on one eye with previous 3-suture method (Asian double-eyelid surgery). How hard is it to correct? (photo)

I've had 2 double eyelid procedures performed with the 3-suture method. The 2nd procedure was just to increase the crease height. 9 years later, I'm noticing increasing ptosis on my right eye. With makeup (drawing a thicker eyeliner on the right) it's not too bad. But without any makeup after a long day, it is very noticeable and the crease is barely there. My concern is with down time and symmetry. Is it possible to correct the ptosis on my right eye and keep the sutures that are already there?

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Asian eyelid surgery and ptosis

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it is possible to correct this but it really requires a good in person evaluation. I think the first thing the you should do isn't sure that there is not another cause such as a medical cause of your ptosis on the right side. It's likely a combination of your own anatomy and the surgeries that have been performed but you wanted to ensure that U have covered all your medical bases first.

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