Will Mentor shaped anatomical implants be firmer than Sientra rounds?

I have sientra smooth round implants and they are already pretty firm. I plan to switch them out for Mentor anatomicals. I know these are textured...will they be significantly firmer? Thanks!

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Firmness after breast augmentation

If your current implants do feel firm to you then it is most probably caused by some degree of capsular contracture.  Often, but not always capsule contracture causing firmness will also cause some degree of implant elevation.  I mention this since the firmness of the implant is probably of secondary concern if encapsulation occurs.
Otherwise the anatomic shaped implants are somewhat more viscous and firmer than smooth and round implants.

Discuss all of the details of your specific situation and choices with your ABPS Bd Certified surgeon.  There are multiple things that can be done to reduce the risk of recurrent firmness but it will remain a risk.  Good luck.   Dr. Jon Perlman

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Mentor anatomical

Thank you for your question.

The mentor memory shaped implants are firmer than the Sentra smooth round implants you can ask your plastic surgeon if he or she have the actual implants that you can feel . I hope you find this information useful.

Joshua Halpern, MD, PA
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Implant feel

Generally speaking, any shaped breast implant is going to be more firm than Sientra round smooth implants.  If your implants are excessively firm, you should be examined for capsular contracture as your current implants should be relatively soft.
good luck!
Dr. L

Adam David Lowenstein, MD, FACS
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Will Mentor shaped anatomical implants be firmer than Sientra rounds?

Anatomical implants from any manufacturer are firmer than your smooth Sientra round implants, as the gel has to be firmer more cohesive gel in order for them to maintain an "anatomical" or teardrop shape. If your smooth round implants are firmer than you would like, the question is whether this is because ANY implant may be somewhat firmer than looser, "un-augmented" breast tissue, or whether you have some degree of capsular contracture where scar tissue is squeezing your implants causing excessive firmness.

Robert M. Grenley, MD
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Implant Firmness


How your implants subjectively feel in your breasts is not just due to the firmness of the implants themselves. Additional factors include the thickness and/or elasticity of your scar capsule, and the thickness of your breast tissue.

Having said that, Mentor Memory Shape anatomically shaped implants are slightly firmer than Sientra's implants. Allergan's (Natrelle 410s) implants are even firmer.  However, this has not been a problem for my patients, and they enjoy the predictable appearance and low risk of malposition, capsular contracture, and rippling that form stable implants provide.

Just to be sure, these implants need to be placed through an inframammary incision. So if you have 'nipple' or periareolar incisions, you should not have them accessed for this surgery.  Also, your surgeon will need to ensure that whatever implant you decide on will fit like a 'hand in glove', and if there is extra room, a capsulorrhaphy (suture closure) will need to be performed to ensure this snug fit between the pocket and the shaped implant. 

PS: A capsulotomy or capsulectomy (cutting or removing scar capsule) should NOT be performed, as that will probably leave the implant with too much room to rotate!

Best of luck!

Gerald Minniti, MD, FACS
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Anatomical implants

In general, the more cohesive gel implants like the Mentor MemoryShape are slightly firmer to the touch when compared to a round implant.  However, in your scenario it sounds like you've developed some capsular contracture already with the rounds.  In your upcoming procedure your surgeon will hopefully perform a capsulectomy before placing your new implants.  Overall, you might end up with softer implant than before. 
Good luck.

Khashayar Mohebali, MD, FACS
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Will Mentor shaped anatomical implants be firmer than Sientra rounds?

In general, modern shaped implants are a little firmer than standard round implants, but unless you have capsular contracture, the Sientra rounds are as soft as a natural breast in my experience. If you do switch to anatomics it is important to understand you will need to have a capsulectomy.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
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Thank you for your question and shaped implants generally are firmer.  The real question though is the reason for switching implants because there may be other reasons why your implants feel firm.

Dr Corbin

Frederic H. Corbin, MD
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"Anatomical" implants usually firmer than round

Anatomical implants, more correctly called form-stable implants, have a firmer gel in order to maintain the shape. This is true for all brands. Your final results will depend on individual factors especially the reason for making a change. If it because of the firmness, you are better off staying with round Sientra implants.

Richard Baxter, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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