Lumenis Lightsheet DIODE Vs Lumenis Lightsheer DUET- Long Term Effectiveness?

Hello doctors- could you pls give your advice regarding differences between those 2. Im male 30, want LHR on legs, have skin type 4 most likely (mid eastern/ Mediterranean) skin color. Iv had 4 treatments on my pelvic region front and back- OK results. That was on Lumenis' Lightsh. Diode. Now i want a much larger area done - entire legs- i believe the DUET is less painful. But im concerned about effectiveness and long term results. Love to hear your thoughts. Would really help! Thank You all :)

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LightSheer DUET

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The small tip on the original LightSheer and the DUET are the same.  The difference in the DUET is the size of the large tip with assisted vacuum which  offers more effective hair removal and is more comfortable.  If you had good results with the original LightSheer, you should have good results with the DUET.

Toronto Dermatologist

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