How long will these scars take to go away? Also, I am a social smoker. Is this still effecting my scars? (Photos)

Scars- I had bad wound separation which believe was due to a variety of reasons. Any vitamins I can take? Scared to put on silicone for some reason Smoking - I stopped smoking for 6 weeks after my surgery. Is this still effecting my scars? I know I have to stop smoking which will be soon! I'm having a really tough time doing it:(

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Scar Revision

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Hello,Once you have quit smoking, you should just consider scar revision. It would lead to the best, most inconspicuous result. Vitamins won't help. Just a smoke free, well nourished body and a capable surgeon will give you the best scars possible. Best of luck!

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The reason for your problems including wound separation is probably from smoking. I don't perform lifts on patients who smoke. You're lucky that the nipples are doing so well. Smoking can adversely affect circulation. 
I would speak to your MD about scar care. Silicone ointments are my go to for scars.

Smoking and scar appearance

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Thank you for your question and photos. Although scars will improve over time, they will never 'disappear." Over time, scars will get softer and lighter in color. Smoking certainly has a negative impact on healing, and may have been one of the reasons you had healing problems after your initial surgery. Despite stopping smoking for six weeks, if you were using nicotine prior to your surgery, this may have had an effect. Utilizing silicone will certainly help, and it has been shown to likely be the most effective of the topical  scar treatments currently available. Laser treatments and scar revision are also options. I would certainly allow your scars to heal for several months before making any final assessments. Best regards.

How long will these scars take to go away? Also, I am a social smoker. Is this still effecting my scars?

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Thank you for your question. Smoking does effect tissue regeneration on all levels. Good for you for quitting for 6 weeks. Keep it up! Silicone is the best thing for topical scar treatment. It typically takes scars a full year to lighten. You can ask your surgeon about a scar revision, if you are unhappy or laser treatments. 

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