How long does it take a PS so stitch up a diastasis recti that's about 3.7cm wide consisting of individual sutures? (Photo)

I was told that it takes about 10-15 minutes to do a single suture to close a diastasis recti. I had individual sutures and would like to know approximately how long it takes a surgeon to close this.

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Thank you for the photos but it is not the suturing that takes alot of time but elevating the appropriate tissues and removeing any excess skin that needs to be removed that takes up most of the time with the procedure.

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While it may only take 15 minutes to place stitches, the difficult part based on your photos is likely going to be elevating the appropriate tissue plane to allow a successful diastasis repair. I would have to examine you but it appears you may have some scar tissue may require a meticulous and perhaps lengthy approach.

Time is important but a safe and effective operation should be your goal. Find a plastic surgeon that focuses on these goals versus boasting taking the least amount of time as possible.

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