How Long Does It Take for PIH to Occur, in General, if It Were to Happen, After Fraxel Treatment?

I am Asian with fair skin. I had my first fraxel done a week ago & I am now seeing a dime-sized tan spots on both of my cheeks. I've been applying sunscreen religiously and wearing a hat even when driving. I had IPL sessions done before & never had hyperpigmentation problem. How long does it take for PIHyper/Hypo to occur? The PA did 8 passes with 1927 wavelength on me. Would it be too late now for me to start hydroquinone or bleaching cream? Will the tan spots continue to darken? Thank you.

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PIH can take a long time to resolve

If PIH occurs after Fraxel it may occur immediately after Fraxel. Did you pre-treat with hydro quinones before the procedure? Was the doctor treating hyper pigmentation with the 1927. Go back to see your doctor next week to see if this is irritation or hyper pigmentation and they will probably give you a bleaching agent to use.

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