Liposonix for Upper Arms? (photo)

I am very fit, only problem area is my upper arms, they do not match my body. They naturally have alot of muscle causing them to look large anyways, so I can not afford that layer of fat on top of the muscle! Would liposonix be a good option for this area? I am so tired of these laser hoax that mini spas are selling people, I really need honest advice. Does liposonix cause ripples? Also Lose skin is not a concern ! I heard of Elixis but it has bad reviews for the arms.

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Liposonix for arms

Liposonix is a great non surgical procedure to reduce excess fat of the upper arms. Liposonix does have some restrictions to the amount of fat that must be present to safely do the treatment. Liposonix recommends 0.75" to 1" thickness of fat in the treated area. Your arms look thin in the picture, possibly less than 1 inch but if you can pinch an inch then Liposonix could be right for you.

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