Lighting photography of nose - face. Virtual reality differs making imaging difficult to communicate. What can I do? (photos)

I've been to few consultations & I have a problem w/ taking nose pics. Regardless of camera quality or looking in mirror, when I take pics in full lighting, there is a lot of facial effects. As I use less lighting, my nose & face photograph more accurately to how I actually look (Pics inc. to show). This difference makes it hard for me & the Dr. to best communicate changes thru imaging on full-light pics caz not so true to reality, esp around nostril area. How can I work around this issue?

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Lighting photography of nose - face. Virtual reality differs making imaging difficult to communicate. What can I do?

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From your pictures especially the three-quarter view I can see a dorsal hump, bulbous drooping tip and anything else that a frontal picture would reveal.

San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

Digital computer imaging for rhinoplasty

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Digital computer imaging for rhinoplasty is only a communication tool, not a guarantee of result. Choose a surgeon with extensive experience in producing natural results. There is no perfect nose, only improvement. It's a really important to have realistic expectations about what can be accomplished with a rhinoplasty procedure.

Rhinoplasty Assessment

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I've never had a problem with proper lighting.  In fact, dark and blurry photos where you may see your 'problem' is no way for a surgeon to assess your needs. Any changes that might be made in surgery should be based on clear and crisp photos taken in the office using a standardized format. Best of luck!

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Selfies are not good for clinical decisions. Proper lighting and distance and pose are important tools to make facial clinical recommendations.

Lighting photography of nose - face. Virtual reality differs making imaging difficult to communicate. What can I do?

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Hello pizzamade - Thanks for your question. You might do best finding a rhinoplasty surgeon who performs 3D imaging and simulations based on 3D photography. Often times, this helps a patient to communicate better with their surgeon. That being said, standard 2D photos and simulations have been routinely performed in my practice for 12 years. To this point, I have never had a patient tell me that I did not understand what they were looking to accomplish through rhinoplasty. I would suggest that you consult with rhinoplasty specialists that perform their own medical photography, and using their pictures, attempt to communicate your needs. 

Good luck, 

Dr. Shah

Difficulty with nasal photography imaging.

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Although photographs are helpful you're quite correct that different lighting will change the parents dramatically.  The fact is that you and your plastic surgeon in a face-to-face consultation can look at your nose in a mirror and discuss the details of the changes that you wish to have made.  Your surgeon will be able to respond and explain to you the extent of change it is reasonable to anticipate.  The features of your nose are quite clear in both photographs despite the change in lighting.  The most important thing is to make sure that you found a board-certified plastic surgeon with whom you feel a sense of confidence and trust whose photographs you have reviewed. Credentials of course are also important.  Best wishes in your search. Enjoy the video above for more information about a natural looking rhinoplasty result.

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Thank you for the question and at a complimentary consultation with an expert in the area that uses digital photography and the4n alters your image to show you what can be accomplished you can work with the lighting of the photograph so you are happy with what you are looking at.  By seeing your nose changed in that manner prior to surgery you will become informed what is possible and how it might be accomplished.

Dr. Corbin

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