Lifelong excess eyelid skin/ptosis? Daily change in size & shape with some asymmetry - would blepharoplasty help? (Photos)

Lids sensitive to water/salt intake (salt = water retention) and sleep. Sometimes they bunch up, other times they flatten and go completely hooded. Eyelid tape looks tacky and the process I go through to achieve the symmetry in the last photo has become exhausting (I'm only 20!). My lids still eat my makeup and I think sometimes give me headaches. I am interested in what a doctor has to say. Would you recommend blepharoplasty? Would getting rid of skin help keep the crease in one spot?

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You would benefit from a very small, precise upper blepharoplasty with a ptosis repair.

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You need eyelid structure.  Very little skin should actually be removed.  I call this microblepharoplasty.  You have mild upper eyelid ptosis and a compensatory eyebrow elevation.  You also have eyelash ptosis.  Normally eyelashes should be perky.  Instead your eyelashes point down and further shade the upper part of the eye.  To address these issues, a low crease and only a few millimeters of skin should be removed.  The levator aponeurosis needs to be advances and used to make a hard crease.  The hard crease is used to support the eyelid platform skin and eyelashes.  The accompanying video describes this approach and the cited free ebook on eyelid surgery has more information on this as well.  A detailed personal consultation is invaluable in determining if you are a candidate for eyelid surgery.

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