Which laser refractive treatment should I get? (LASIK, LASEK, PRK)

27yoF, 4th yr med student (going into radiology). R & L eyes are -6.00, stable for 1 yr. 1 LASIK, LASEK, PRK, which is the best for me given my specialty? 2 Should I get laser refractive tx at all? I don't mind longer recovery period. I'm very scared of decreased night vision and contrast acuity since my career will depend on it. 3 Is this a good time for me to get it given 5+ yrs intensely staring @ screen? 4 If I need retouch down the road, then which options should I get originally? Thanks :)

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Refractive surgery for radiologist

my dad's a retired neuroradiologist he was at Columbia and Cornell for many years
I've Lasered a few radiologists. I never recommend lasik bc you get glare from refraction off the flap interface
You need excellent contrast sensitivity in your profession. The best option for you is a wavefront guided LASEK
Don't get PRK as the recovery is long and scarring risk higher than LASEK 
If your Rx is over -5 you should get intraop MMC to prevent postop haze
In my hands I could probably make you see better than contacts or glasses with HD LASEK
Good luck

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