Is laser lipo a good instrument too smooth out liposuction irregularities? Anyone here with experience? (photos)

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Laser lipo is just a tool and can help smooth out lipo irregularities.  There are also some special liposuction instruments that can be used to break up the scar tissue and smooth out the fat layer.  All experienced liposuction surgeons should be skilled at fixing these problems.

Micro lipo and Fat grafting

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These type of small irregularities on the skin surface can sometimes be very challenging for physicians to correct.  i have performed liposuction exclusively for 16 years and we have a boutique liposculpture specialty clinic so we are experienced in all methods of lipo.  I agree with Dr. Farias that liposculpture could help correct it if the physician used extremely small lipo cannulae.  I disgree that laser lipo is the best option.  As pysicians we have the most control and precision when utilizing simple manual cannulae for suctioning.  If an initial lipo smoothing did not work then we would try option 2, which would be to harvest a small amount of fat from one area of your body and transfer it to these area of divots.


William Hall, M.D.

Laser Lipolysis would be a good part of correction

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Laser lipolysis would be a part of the treatment regimen for smoothing the contour irregularities in your photo, along with conservative liposuction utilizing small diameter liposuction cannula. Of course, making a definitive treatment plan would involve a detailed face-to-face evaluation in order to examine the area to make sure that the plan would be right for you in this specific case.

Good luck,Dr Farias

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