Lactating after nipple reduction normal? (photos)

Hello, I had a Mommy Makeover with breast augmentation and nipple reduction on July 19. As of two days ago I've been experiencing discharge from my left breast. The discharge is milky in color and truly looks and even smells of breast milk. Is this normal? My breast actually has been leaking like when I would breast feed. On the other hand my other breast is still higher than the left and aches more. I called my PS but they haven't returned my call. Can someone please advice?

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Breast augmentation - now I am lactating

Thank you for asking about your breast implants.
  • Yes, breast surgery can cause hormonal changes that lead to lactation.
  • You truly need to see your plastic surgeon but it may be some weeks before it subsides.
  • The implant on the sore breast hasn't dropped which may be why it is aching.
  • I would see your plastic surgeon in follow up to be examined and to be certain that you do not have mastitis (a breast infection associated with lactation.)
Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

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Lactation after aesthetic breast procedures

Congrats on your MM.  I always ask MM consults how long ago they delivered, whether they are finished with lactation and whether milky drainage can be expressed from their nipples, even if they didn't breast feed.  The #nerves which are involved in lactation overlap with those which subtend nipple and breast sensation, so it's not unusual that lactation may be stimulated after breast augmentation +/- nipple reduction.  Breast milk is a protein suspension and can predispose to infection, so do persist in contacting your PS.  Milky nipple discharge is preferable to milky fluid around the implant.  Ask your PS specifically for strategies to decrease lactation and follow-up closely.  Good luck. 

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Lactating after nipple reduction normal?

Very often, in my experience a mommy makeover includes reshaping and repositioning of the breast which may or may not include implants in addition to a Tummy Tuck. You appear to still have some sag. Also, it's possible that you have ductal discharge from the surgical procedure. If you have fever, chills, redness of the breasts - antibiotics and culturing of the fluid may be indicated and helpful. Best- to take it up with your Operating Surgeon and you should expect to get someone live during office hours. 

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Lactation with Breast Surgery

Good question!  I always check to see that patients are done breast feeding and lactating and check to see if milk is discharged when nipples are expressed.  It is not unusual for this to occur after breast or nipple surgery as the nerves are stimulated.  You need to tell your operating surgeon and let him or her know if there is redness, chills or fever.  At that point, you may need an antibiotic.  Just stay in communication with your Plastic Surgeon during business hours.  Good luck.

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