Labiaplasty - things pulled back / down?

During wedge labiaplasty the doctor pressed hard on my pelvic bone pushing up and pushed my labia downwards with his other hand - my clitoris now feels like it is lower and resting in the wrong position - I do not have the same climax sensations as before. Is this standard procedure? Can things be improved? I do not want to return to this doctor and am looking for a revision, swelling or not I don't thinks will improve in this regard.

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Clitoris pulled down after wedge labiaplasty

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 Indeed this is a potential drawback from wedge technique labiaplasty whereas the clitoris and/or clitoral hood gets pulled down towards the anus.  Labiaplasty revision  may be possible and/or clitoral hoodectomy now necessary to release the tethered clitoris and hood. An in-person consultation and physical exam is necessary to determine the best next course of action. Glad to help. 

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Wedge troubles

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Hello. I'm sorry to hear you are unhappy with your labiaplasty results. Unfortunately the wedge technique (which I choose not to perform) is fraught with complications, one of which it the problem you are describing. You do need to wait until it has been 6 months from your initial procedure to allow full healing prior to having a revision procedure. I recommend having at least 2 consultations with revision experts at least 6 weeks after your initial surgery so you can choose one to perform the revision and have time to make your selection. This can be fixed. 

Dr Courtenay Poucher

Why your bass ackwards wedge labiaplasty screwed up your sex life

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It's not the pushing and pulling with the surgeon's hands that moved your clitoris halfway to your anus. It's the fact that the wedge created a huge gap between the front and back that was yanked together forcefully with stitches that did you in. This is a problem unique to wedge labiaplasty, but common with wedges that are done too wide and under too much tension. Any revision should wait 6 months.

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Wedges are great techniques

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but it appears your surgeon's judgement was not so great if what you say was really caused by your procedure.  Please refer to your pre and post-op photos to determine if there really has been a displacement of your hood.  If so, and your wedge has healed well and you have no concerns with that portion, you can consider having a hoodectomy NOW rather than waiting the must quoted textbook 6 months post-op as you are not revising the wedge itself.  If you have confidence in your surgeon, go back and discuss your concerns.  If not, then find another qualified surgeon who can help you.  But it really bothers me when people say I won't do a specific technique because both the wedge and the trim have their places in our toolbox to address labial hypertrophy.  And there are pros and cons to each methods.

Curtis Wong, MD
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Clitoris pulled down too much ( wedge labiaplasty )

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Thank you for sharing.  As mentioned in prior post this is one of the unique complications of a wedge technique.  At this point, I would encourage you to wait a few months and allow the tissue to relax prior to undergoing a revision.

Make sure you keep your surgeon aware of what is happening and if you decide to attempt a revision, then please make sure to do your homework prior to undergoing a secondary procedure.

Labiaplasty revision

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I would suggest waiting 4-6 months before revision and then consulting with a surgeon who performs both wedge and trim labiaplasties. Without photos it is hard to give any more of an opinion. Best wishes. 

Francisco Canales, MD
Santa Rosa Plastic Surgeon
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Did my Wedge labiaplasty pull my clitoris down to Florida?!?

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Hard to say without a series of photos or (best!) an in-person consultation. IF DONE PROPERLY, NEITHER A WEDGE NOR TRIM LABIAPLASTY SHOULD ADVERSELY EFFECT ORGASMIC FUNCTION. Perhaps my good friend from New Jersey should have eaten turkey rather than bass for his thanksgiving dinner..! But-- it is easier to encroach upon the frenular neurovascular supply and cause pain with a linear/trim, and, if too much "bulk" or too much sub-cutaneous tissue is removed with a wedge, it is easier to "...pull things South..." Personally, I follow Dr. Oppenheimer's and others wedge technique and am careful to retain most all of the sub-cutaneous tissue, removing only greatly redundant skin in my Wedge variations, and to avoid pulling the clitoris towards the anus...

For YOU however: What To Do?? You could call our office and schedule a virtual (with several in-focus photos from different angles) or in-person consultation. "One picture is worth a thousand words..." The weblink below goes over in detail the differences between Wedge & linear labiaplastiy.

Best wishes,

Michael P Goodman, MD

Davis, CA, USA

Labiaplasty - things pulled back / down?

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Thank you for sharing your question and I am sorry that your recovery symptoms have been unexpected.  Unfortunately without a full series of photographs it is difficult to offer definite advice.  With either a wedge or trim labiaplasty the clitoris is not moved or altered, and swelling is likely compromising your normal sensation.  This is especially true in the first six weeks of recovery.  I would speak with your surgeon and voice your concerns as they can offer you the best reassurance.  

Nelson Castillo, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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