Labiaplasty post op 3 days - is this normal? (photo)

i got labiaplasty/clit reductions 3 days ago....still very swollen n i feel like the doctor burned my clit, as u can see from the picture it looks out and pinkish/purplish.....its very sensitive and super itchy... is it normal for me to be this swollen? And how long does it take for swelling to go down? i feel like when the swelling goes down its still going to look like my labia hangs Any recommendations on how to clean my labia, its been very hard for me to "feel" clean since i am on my period

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This amount of swelling is completely normal at 3 days post op.  keep icing and make sure you follow up with your surgeon to make sure you are healing properly.

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Thank you for asking about your labiaplsty.

  • You are swollen because of the surgery and appear slightly bruised.
  • The sensitivity and itching may be from surgery or from topical medicines if you are putting anything on the area.
  • Swelling takes 3 - 6 months to fully subside.
  • Please follow your own surgeon's instructions for post-operative care of your wound.

Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

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Labiaplasty postop 3 days - is this normal?

Thank you for sharing your question and photograph. Unfortunately it is difficult to offer definite advice based on the image quality, but it is common for the thin tissues of the labia minora to experience significant swelling, mild bruising, and itching during the first few days of recovery.  I would allow a few weeks time to pass in order to better assess your long-term results.  At that time voice any concerns to your surgeon so that a review of your consultation requests can be done. As for feeling clean I recommend my patients obtain a squeeze bottle with angled straw that can help them wash the area with little trauma but still managing their daily hygiene.  Hope this helps.

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Is this normal 3 days after labiaplasty?

Dear Blankaibarra,

Thank you for writing in with your questions and sharing your photos.  It is common for swelling to occur after surgery and last up to three months, at which time you will have a much better idea of your surgical results.

For your specific concerns about your clitoris being burned, it is best to ask your surgeon exactly what s/he did in person and be shown on your operative site what was done.  Your surgeon should also be providing you with post-operative instructions.

I recommend to my patients to use a perineal squirt bottle with lukewarm water for washing urine off (and menstrual blood) while voiding and for use in the shower, which can be purchased at Walgreens or CVS in the post-partum section (most likely).   Any liquid anti-bacterial soap can be used in the shower--a few drops in the bottle filled with warm water, then rinse with plain water.  Sitz baths twice a day for 10 minutes with a few drops of anti-bacterial soap or oatmeal soaks (when itching occurs) can be soothing.  Cool packs (the soft squishy kind) and moist chamomile tea bags can also provide relief from itching and reduce swelling.

I hope this information is helpful and speedy recovery!


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It is your personal surgeon who should answer post-op appearance questions!

Unfortunately, your photo is not sufficiently "close-up" to make a determination. Please send this photo to your surgeon, who is the one who can answer you more specifically, since (s)he knows intimately what was done. I can only answer you "generally." The first post-op week is the "Frankenstein Phase" (to quote my friend, Dr. Marco Pelosi III from New Jersey.) Because the tissue is "porous" and there is usually some modest "oozing" of tiny blood vessels that bleed after the anesthetic wears off, the area gets "black & blueish" including the labia, hood, clitoral area, and labia majora. HOWEVER-- it is only your personal surgeon (you, know: the one you paid for surgery AND POST-OP CARE) who can properly guide you. Send him or her your photo(s). I'm sure your surgeow will helpfully respond. In the meantime, the attached weblink may help..!

Best wishes,

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Labiaplasty post op 3 days - is this normal?

Your concerns are understandable but yes, significant swelling can occur after this operation.  The swelling dissipates after the first week. Best to ask your plastic surgeon for specific post op care recommendations;  these will vary from one practice to another. Best wishes for an outcome that you will be pleased with long-term.

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Post op Day 3

Hello. Thank you for your question and photo submission. From what I see in the photo, this degree of swelling looks normal. Fear not as the swelling will decrease more than you can imagine. You will likely start to see the swelling subside in about a week but it will likely take a full 6 weeks to have all of the swelling resolve. For the procedures you listed, the actual clitoris itself should not be touched and therefore, it usually isn't too tender. You may want to check in with your surgeon on that. As far as cleaning goes, I give my patients a peri-bottle which is a squirt bottle. Fill it with warm water and use it each time you use the restroom. It's like a mobile bedet. Best wishes and speedy recovery! Dr Poucher

Swelling is common after labiaplasty in the first week

Your photo isn't clear, but swelling is common after surgery. So is itching. See your surgeon if you need more detailed advice.

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3 days post op labiaplasty and clitoral reduction

Dear Biankaiberra:

Thanks for sharing.  It is often difficult to assess a patient so soon after surgery by photos alone.  Based upon your incision lines it appears that you had a linear resection labiaplasty and lateral prepuce ( clitoral hood) reduction. I doubt  or should say I don't think you had a cltioral reduction but then again I might be wrong. Though the photo is OK its clarity is not perfect on my laptop as the area I see which appears to be purplish is the frenulum of the clitoris on your right side.  I might be wrong on this assessment  but remember this is difficult to assess using a photo alone and  this is the first time I am reviewing your photo and I have nothing to compare it to ( i.e. a preoperative photo).  Purple doesn't  mean it was burnt purple is usually a normal post operative response in some surgeries which is a slight infiltration of blood in the area ---- the is simply a bruise.  Sensitive and itchy is a perfectly normal post operative response.  It is very normal to be swollen.  Every person is different but visual  swelling can persist for weeks and non visual swelling for months ( i.e. it will feel firm or hard )  and over time will soften.    From my review I think you will still protrude post operatively but you should give your healing time and make that determination in the future.  If you are still hanging I would recommend  you seek a second opinion for any revision work you are considering.  

John R Miklos MD

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