What kind of recovery can be expected after undergoing a mini dental implant procedure?

How should someone prepare? Will they be able to eat normally? Will the pain be tolerable? Any info is appreciated!

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Mini dental implants

Mini dental implants can be used for immediate retention of dentures in the lower jaw. Recovery is usually minimal. It is advisable to start with easy chewing after the surgery then advance to harder food. 

Don't worry!

It always depends on the scenario, but most patients who get mini implants have a pretty easy go of it recovery-wise. If the implants are being placed to help retain a denture, then you want to avoid wearing the denture as much as possible to allow the tissue to heal.

Pain from the actual implant placement is usually very minimal, as bone has very little feeling and soft tissue (gums) heal very quickly. If you're able to be lazy for a few days (swelling takes place in the first 3-4 days and activity increases swelling), avoid pushing on the surgical site (keep that denture out and push on the implants with your fingers or tongue!), then you shouldn't experience much discomfort at all.

Most pain from implant placement comes from elevating a flap, which is what we all it when you have to lift up the gums to see the bone in order to place the implant. The good news is that most minis are placed without having to elevate a flap, so the pain is minimal.

If you take your prescriptions on a schedule, follow the above advice (and whatever your dentist tells you), and use gentle salt water rinses frequently I bet you'll be surprised at how easy the process is. It's not unusual that my patients report switching to Advil only within 48 hours of the procedure, so don't stress! It'll be so worth it in the long run.

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