What kind of procedure should I be looking for if I just want a TEENY lift to enhance my crease? (photos)

I love my Asian eye shape and am only looking to lift my eyelids a tiny bit to have more room between my crease and lash line. And by tiny, I mean just enough so that the space is visible on the inside curve of my eye- similar to the very last picture where I am squinting. Is this possible to do without changing much of anything else? Should I even attempt it?

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Teeny lift for Asian Eyelid

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because you already have a fold that you are happy with, achieving what you want is fairly straightforward and would simply require a small skin excision so that more of the fold will show. This can be done in the office under local or at an outpatient surgery center if you are more comfortable with that. See a board certified plastic surgeon who is comfortable with eyelids. 

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You have several issues that can be addressed with custom double fold surgery.

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You have asymmetric upper eyelid ptosis.  You have upper eyelid lash ptosis.  You have a limited upper eyelid platform space that makes it challenging to keep make up on your upper eyelid platform.  The heavy upper eyelid shades the upper aspect of the cornea making the eyes look dull.  Surgery can be customize to expose the amount of eyelid platform you desire.  Less is more.  Surgery is needed to correct the slight upper eyelid heaviness and support the upper eyelid lashes.  It is possible to achieve these goals.  It starts with a personal consultation. 

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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Asian blepharoplasty, crease formation

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See following link for details on Asian upper blepharoplasty with crease formation, which is best done though incision method.

Mehryar (Ray) Taban, MD, FACS
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