Juvederm Nose Augmentation, Hyrulonidase, Rhinoplasty, how do I fix this? (photo)

I had a slight hooked nose and a doctor totally messed up, he made my hook worse. He has been injecting hyrulonidase and this is my 3rd treatment with hyrulonidase, he has no clue where he injected me even though i have pictures of the injection spots he wants to deny it... My nose is crooked and my tip is different... I need another treatment of the hyrulonidase but im scared my tip will never look the same as it used to. I am a model and he has made me skip work for over a month now :( please help

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Hyaluronidase to dissolve filler in nose

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You should not need 3 or more hyaluronidase treatments to dissolve filler in the nose.  I am assuming only a very small amount of hyaluronidase has been injected.

An adequate amount of hyaluronidase should be able to dissolve all remaining filler.  At that point, your nose should be back to the original shape.  I suggest you consider a second opinion if you are not satisfied with your current situation.

Charleston Facial Plastic Surgeon

Bump on Nose/Non Surgical Rhinoplasty, Facial Sculpting Using Fillers Like Voluma, Radiesse, Lyft, Juvederm and Sculptra

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If you are unhappy with your treatment you should find a different doctor to help reshape your nose. I suggest you see an expert for a second opinion. Best, Dr. Emer

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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